My Preschool was the first daycare for my son. We started at the toddlers room with amazing miss Dora and moved to older group with wonderful miss Karina and miss Christian. My son was very happy at My Preschool. All the teachers were very sensitive and warm and all of our requests were fulfilled in a best possible way with paying attention to my son’s personal needs and our vision. Miss Lizette (director) is taking very active part in a daycare everyday life and was always there for us. I strongly recommend My Preschool based on my personal experience.

Juliet C.

My son has attended My Preschool since 7 months and is now almost 2. He has attended the infant room, the 1 year old room, and now the toddler room for 2-3 year olds. He’s attended all 3 rooms and has had amazing experiences each time. All of the teachers are wonderful. I can specifically say Araceli, Elsa, Susan, Dora, Ana, and Christian have all made my son feel very loved and comfortable every day. They are always warm and caring and sensitive to his needs. They’ve all handled situations of crankiness/acting out in a good manner. They make sure to inform you of any concerns and how they will discipline (separation/time out from the other children). Excellent communication each day, letting you know the good days and any days that might have been off (if they see signs of anything different in my son’s general nature). I trust them completely and know my son is in good hands every day. They have an excellent program filled with educating the kiddos (truly impressed in how my son has excelled with them), all mixed with play time and fun. They have an awesome play yard that the kids love running around. Finally, their facility is clean, I’m always impressed how tidy they keep it here. I can’t thank them enough for making me feel so comfortable leaving my little boy with them each day!

Jackie O.

We are having a great experience with this place. My son started attending this place since he was 7 months old and he’s 19 months now, he’s picking up new words and skills everyday and would occasionally amaze me with his innovative art work and handcraft.

When we started, we were not sure if our son would get used to the new settings right away, so 2 weeks prior to the official start date, my husband would bring him over to spend a few hours with the teachers there every few days. The teachers were very accommodating and would play with him, arrange him to have a nap or feed him one meal, while we left and “hid” somewhere. My son blended in right away and I can tell how excited he is about going to My Preschool every morning. He’d immediately jump into his teacher’s arms the moment he sees her.

He is always having a great time with the teachers and other kids here. The teachers are very loving, caring, fun and responsible. My husband and I are very happy with My Preschool and everything. We cannot be more appreciated with the care they’ve been giving to our son.

Echo S.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. My daughter started My Preschool at 3 months old in the infant room. I was a nervous wreck at the thought of leaving my baby at daycare, but from day 1 my mind was at ease. The teachers here are extremely loving, caring, knowledgeable, patient, and fun. Every day that we walk into My Preschool my daughter gets a huge smile and starts kicking her legs with excitement. She always has a warm greeting, and she has bonded with all of the teachers.

My daughter is now with the 1 year olds and I am still super pleased with this place. She has learned so much from the teachers, and most importantly she loves going to daycare. I love My Preschool, and I am forever grateful for the amazing services they provide. Highly Recommend My Preschool!

Lyla S.

We said our tearful goodbyes to My Preschool last week. The teachers here are just wonderful. They are so full of affection and warmth. A special shoutout to my daughter’s teachers Ms. Yaseniya and Ms. Sandra. Ms. Sally is another favorite.Thank you for all the love and support you showered my baby with while she was with you. They take such trouble with fun art projects, birthday cards for parents, mothers/Father’s Day cards, and all hand made by the teachers and the children. Such dedication!! I feel so blessed to have had my daughter here! She has learnt and grown so much in the last year. A big thank you to My Preschool and the teachers!

Nan M.

My Son has been in this school since he was an infant 5 months old. He is now in the three year old room. My wife and I visited the school when she was pregnant and we put our names on the list. Our first impression was right. We have found a place for our child and we are very happy that our sons Is part of what they call “OUR FAMILY” Since the infant group, passing for toddlers, 2’s and now he is in Mr. Raj’s Class, our son has not only received that academic instruction appropriate for his age and level of development but also the emotional and social foundation that every child reserves and needs. For the past 3 years my wife and I have seen our son growing strong in all the areas and part of that is from the environment and care he receives everyday at MY PRESCHOOL. Teachers there are loving, nurturing and experienced women. We go there to pick up our son at different times and he is always very happy. We see the rest of the children the same, happy and busy.  The program in many preschool’s are based on a full sequence of exciting activities mostly through play. They never forced my son to participate in activities that he doesn’t want to do. He loves to take home his projects. My wife and I have recommended this school to several friends and coworkers and they feel the same. Currently my youngest sister put her name in the waiting list for October, when her baby will be 6 months old and we are very sure they will be happy too. This is a very friendly, professional and loving place and we recommend it without hesitation.

Melchor G A.

My daughter is 8 months old, and has been here for about a month after we pulled her from another day care due to some issues we had there.

Right away, this place is amazing. The teachers on the infant side are insanely loving. They are happy to see her when my wife or I drop her off in the mornings, rushing right over to get her and play with her, and my daughter happily reaches for them. When we pick her up in the afternoons, one of the teachers is ALWAYS playing with her or talking to her. I can’t believe how much individual attention she gets. It’s fantastic.

Since we started dropping her off there last month, her development has increased a lot. She’s learned to clap and wave, she’s started pulling herself up to a standing position, and she’s learned a bunch of new sounds to make. Part of it is normal development, I’m sure, but another part is due to all the other kids present and the involvement of the staff.

Their rules about feeding are much easier, too, as we can make one large bottle for the day and they just pour a bit out at a time. Plus they’ll feed her the solid foods we bring in almost religiously. Every day we get a report indicating how she did, and even now that she’s teething they’ve adapted beautifully to it.

I can’t recommend this place enough. Though it’s on the pricey side, it’s well worth it.

George M.

I have nothing but good to say about this day care. My two kids love it. They don’t want to leave in the afternnon! They have an amazing staff and a well balanced curiculum adapated for every age. They learn a lot, have fun and are well behaved.

I am very surprised by Mama H review. I have dropped or picked up my kids at various hours during the day. Every time, kids are being entertained and safe. The head teacher on the baby side has always been there for our familiy and gone above and beyond multiple times to help us out. She has me and my husband’s 100% trust.

Genevieve L.

I’m giving 5 stars because Yelp won’t let me give any more than that.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful the women at My Preschool are.

I left my daughter with them when she was 5 months old and I returned to work and was understandably very nervous.  They were completely sympathetic and supportive and even called me the 1st week to let me know she was doing well.

She has absolutely thrived there.  Whenever we drop her off and pick her up, she is so happy and, often times, she doesn’t want to go home!  She is now 17 months old and gets so excited in the morning to go see her Alba and her Araceli.

They are accommodating to her diet restrictions and keep excellent records of her day so we know what went on with her while she was there.  They do art projects with her and it is amazing to see what she is doing already.

We are so thankful to have found this daycare.  I go to work every day, secure in the knowledge that my daughter is not only well taken care of, but that is she loved and very happy.

I highly recommend this daycare…it is truly an amazing place.

Heather F.