Our Preschool program is for children ages 3 to 4 years old.

In addition to the values and philosophy we adhere to with every group, Preschool is a time when academics are introduced into the children’s daily routine, and the environment transitions scholastically to prepare them for Pre-K and Kindergarten. This transition is thoughtful and carefully implemented so that all children feel confident to be curious and eager to learn.

Rooted in the philosophy that children learn best through play, our academic principles are as follows:

  • Comprehensive and conceptual skills
    • Association of words and meanings
    • Speaking, language development:
      • Alphabet sounds and symbols
      • Letter recognition, Phonetics
      • One-syllable words and complete sentences
      • Reading and storytelling
  • Scientific awareness
    • Awareness of outside world and nature
      • Recognize differences: size, shapes and colors
      • Sensorial experiences: dimension, color, texture, weight, sound smell and taste
      • Practical life experiences: care of the environment and personal care
  • Beginning Mathematics
    • Number recognition and number concepts
      • Recognize numbers 1 – 10
      • Counting from 1 – 10
      • Spatial concepts
  • Art Skills
    • Developing creativity and spontaneous art expressions.
      • Cutting, pasting, painting, clay and coloring
      • Freehand drawing and interpretation
  • Coordination
    • Hand-eye coordination
      • Large and Small muscle control
      • Coordinate movements
  • Music
    • Participation and Rhythmical
      • Singing and dancing
      • Movement and exercises
  • Personal development and socialization
    • Concentration and listening skills
      • Self confidence and self control
      • Initiative and sharing
      • Length of attention span
      • Interactions, cooperation and independence
      • Manners and courtesy
      • Love of work and problem solving skills
      • Leadership

The staff is trained in CPR and first aid. The group size and ratio of adults to preschoolers is 1:12, introducing children to a more scholastic setting, socializing and building relationships, and small enough group sizes to ensure consistent care and one-to-one interactions.