The Pre-K program is for children 4 to 6 years old, until they are well-equipped for a successful Kindergarten experience.

The focus of Pre-K is Kindergarten readiness via Social and Emotional Development, Music and Movement, Math, Science, Environmental Activities (recycling, water conservation, gardening), Art and Creativity, Spanish, and Dramatic Play. There are also fun theme-based learning opportunities such as cooking and presentations celebrating different cultures, as well as a library in each room.

Teachers expose children to concepts and routines similar to ones they will experience in Kindergarten by offering a variety of rich child-and-teacher directed activities and projects. The classroom becomes more of an academic center, where independent learning skills are refined, and children participate in more sophisticated group and individual activities that require listening, directing, following, waiting and sharing.

We take into consideration that emotional and creative growth are just as important as academic learning. Teachers facilitate communication and self-expression, to understand each other’s feelings, as well as peaceful conflict resolution and leading by example. We believe in our program and we trust that our children will be prepared for their transition to Kindergarten, fulfilling all the academic requirements. But above all, we want our kids to be kids–to be innocent and free, to enjoy their childhood.

The staff is trained in CPR and first aid.  The group size and ratio of adults to our pre-k children is 1:12, preparing them for kindergarten, socializing and building relationships, and yet small enough group sizes to ensure consistent care and one-to-one interactions. See an example of our Pre-K daily schedule here (link).

The utmost importance of each program at My Preschool, is that our teachers go above and beyond to ensure that your children will thrive while under our care, at their home with family, in every future classroom to follow, and as happy, healthy, kind, successful human beings in the world.

We celebrate the culmination of everything we aim to instill in your children, as well as all their amazing achievements with a graduation celebration at the end of the school year. We are grateful to be entrusted with that responsibility, proud of the little people they become, and look forward to our long-lasting relationships with the families in the many years to follow.