Infant Center


My Preschool’s Infant Center is designed for children from 6 weeks to 12 months old.

Our infant program is distinctly different from our other curriculums, as it is specifically designed for children during their very early stages. The infants are divided in non-mobile and mobile groups. Schedules will vary according to their individual needs and the information and instructions as provided by the parents.

Very important milestones are reached in the first twelve months of life. We provide a very nurturing environment to help the infants develop and feel secure and protected by caring and loving adults. We also help parents in making the transition from home to daycare a comfortable experience by ensuring them that their babies are in good hands and they can have peace of mind. In the infant and toddler program we follow the RIE philosophy which is based on respect of the child as a unique individual. By practicing the ten principles of RIE infants and toddlers develop a strong self-esteem for future years ahead.

Our teachers are dedicated all day long to provide individual attention to all the children under their care.  The area that is the focus of play changes periodically during the day, from the floor, to being carried, rocking or swinging and other variations to give infants different perspectives on people and places.

Children are cared for both indoors and outdoors.  Diaper changing, feeding and other routines are viewed as vital learning experiences for babies and toddlers. Caregivers constantly respond to infants’ needs for food and comfort, thus enabling the infants to develop trust in adults who care for them so that they find the world a safe place to be.  The caregivers frequently talk with, sing and read to infants and toddlers.  They interact with children in a gentle and supportive manner and respond quickly to infants’ cries or call of distress, recognizing that crying and body movement are an infant’s only way to communicate. Responses are soothing and tender.

The staff is trained in CPR and first aid.  The group size and ratio of adults to infants is limited to 1:4, allowing for a lot of one-to-one interaction, intimate knowledge of individual babies and consistent care.

RIE Philosophy: 10 Principles of Caregiving

1. Involve infants and toddlers in things that concern them. Don’t work around them or distract them to get the job done faster. Allow them to be active participants rather than passive recipients in all interactions.

2. Invest in quality time, when you are totally available to individual infants and toddlers. Trust and intimacy can best be developed during routine caregiving activities.

3. Learn each child’s unique way of communicating (cries, words, movements, gestures, facial expressions, body positions, words) and teach
them yours. Don’t underestimate children’s ability to communicate through their verbal language skills may be non-existent or minimal.

4. Invest in time and energy to build a total person (concentrate on the “whole child”). Cognitive development is not separate from total development.

5. Respect infants and toddlers as worthy people.

6. Be honest about your feelings around infants and toddlers.

7. Model the behavior that you want to teach. Don’t preach.

8. Recognize problems as learning opportunities, and let infants and toddlers try to solve their own.

9. Build security by teaching trust.

10. Be concerned about the quality of development in each stage. Don’t rush infants and toddlers to reach developmental milestones.