MY Preschool Child Development Center

    Philosophy Statement

    My Preschool, Inc. offers a high quality, development appropriate
    early childhood program.  We provide a safe and nurturing
    environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and
    cognitive development of infants and young children while
    responding to the needs of the family.

    The Setting

    Our home-style facilities are clean, safe, and cheerful with huge,
    park like playgrounds in the back which are filled with a variety of
    toys and equipment.  Classrooms are divided into areas for the
    group and individual activities.  Bathrooms are easily accessible.

    Our Curriculum

    We offer full time only programs in a theme–based curriculum,
    utilizing the child development theories of experts, Magda Gerber
    and Jean Piaget to provide the children with opportunities to “learn
    through play”.  During the first five years of life, learning comes from
    active, social, and playful experiences.  Each day children have a
    rich choice of educational experiences, with a balance of freedom
    and direction from adults.  math, science, language, art, music,
    active movement, and social skills are evident in planned as well as
    spontaneous activities throughout the day.  Preschool children are
    gently exposed to letters math, and shapes through assorted
    games and activities.

    The Staff

    Our staff are professionally trained in child development, early
    childhood education, CPR and First Aid and are warmly responsive
    to a child’s individual needs.  Adult to child ratios are as follows:

    Infant and Toddlers: 6 weeks – 24 months            1 : 3
    Two Year Olds                                                              1 : 6
    Three to Five Year Olds                                              1 : 12