My Preschool, Inc.
                                     Infant and Toddler Center

    My Preschool, Inc. Infant and Toddler Center offers developmentally appropriate programs for children
    from 6 weeks to 2 years 9 months old.  These programs are distinctly different from all other types of
    programs and are not a scaled-down version of  good programs for pre-school children.  Our
    programs are designed for the unique characteristics and needs of children during their very early

  • Changes take place far more rapidly in infancy than during any other period of life.

  • In infancy, as every other age, all areas of development; cognitive, social, emotional and
    physical are interrelated.

  • Very young children are specially vulnerable to adversity because they are less able to cope
    actively with discomfort or stress.

  • Infants and toddlers are totally dependent on adults to meet  their needs.

    Infants and toddlers learn through their own experiences, trial and error, repetition and identification.
    Adults guide and encourage this learning process by ensuring that the environment is safe and
    emotionally supportive.

    My Preschool, Inc. developed a home and family like environment that invites play, active exploration
    and movement.  It provides plenty of stimulating experiences within a reliable framework of routines
    and protection from stress.  The relationship between children and adults is based on respect and
    love, patience and understanding.

    Our Center is clean and safe, cheerful and stimulating.  We serve homemade food prepared daily,
    following all the nutritional requirements.  Our teachers are dedicated all day long to provide individual
    attention to all the children under their care.  The area that is the focus of play changes periodically
    during the day, from the floor, to being carried, to rocking or swinging and other variations to give
    infants different perspectives on people and places.

    Children are cared for both indoors and outdoors.  Diaper changing, feeding and other routines are
    viewed as vital learning experiences for babies and toddlers. Caregivers constantly respond to infants’
    needs for food and comfort, thus enabling the infants to develop trust in adults who care for them so
    that they find the world a safe place to be.  The caregivers frequently talk with, sing and read to infants
    and toddlers.  They interact with children by gentle supportive responses to their needs and respond
    quickly to infants’ cries or call of distress, recognizing that crying and body movement are an infant’s
    only way to communicate. Responses are soothing and tender.

    Our staff enjoy working with children and are warmly responsive to their needs.  They know what skills
    and behaviors emerge during the first few years and support children as they become increasingly
    competent and knowledgeable.

    The staff is trained in CPR and first aid.  The group size and ratio of adults to children is limited to
    allow for one-to-one interaction, intimate knowledge of individual babies and consistent care.

    Our program for 2 year old children is full of activities that allow children to grow healthy physically,
    intellectually and emotionally and learn by exploring and playing.  Teachers respect each child as a
    unique individual and encourage them to express themselves with freedom and confidence.

    For all these reasons you can be sure that at My Preschool, Inc. your child is in good hands.
MY Preschool Child Development Center