My Preschool, Inc.
                                         Discipline Policy

              At My Preschool, Inc., teachers discuss emotions with children.  Children
    learn that their feelings are real and important.  We believe that validating children’s feelings
    and helping children understand them is extremely important.

           When a child is having a high-energy day (this may include hitting, biting, or yelling at
    another child), a member of the staff will gently guide the child away and either sit down or
    walk around and ask the child to share what he/she is feeling.  Methods we use to modify
    behavior are as follows:

    1.        Teachers may ask a child to sit down for a couple of minutes.This usually helps them
    release some of the frustration.  Staff will then talk to the child in a calm manner.

    2.        We strongly urge children to communicate with each other.  We ask them to use their
    words.  Whenever a child is exhibiting behavior that is dangerous to himself/herself or others,
    we always give the child an explanation, re: why this behavior has to stop and that the behavior
    is not okay.

    3.        If a certain behavior continues that is harmful to others, we will have a meeting with
    parents and try to come up with a plan to resolve this concern.  If the plan is not effective,
    families will be advised and the contract will be terminated.

    4.        No Physical Punishment will ever be used by any member of the staff.

    5.        Discipline for infants is to re-direct their behavior.

MY Preschool Child Development Center